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Little Fire Mermaid


18 July 2016

We all know the five elements of astrology: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether....

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2016 Ever After • Recent

Little Fire Mermaid

2016 Ever After • Recent

Snow White

2016 Ever After • Recent

Little Mermaid


  • Inspiration

    Life, Art and Design are my daily sources of inspiration. These are the main areas in which I express myself creatively, every day.


    Every Creation is unique; it reflects our unique self. If you are not aware of your uniqueness, your creative potential will be hidden!


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Kind Words

  • Image Alchemist Capture One

    Beautiful Colors

    Striking in her work is the use of color. She knows how to combine a variety of colors into a harmonious unity. This atmosphere of harmony is distinctive for her work.

    Gentle Creatures

    Creatures in her work, like faces and animals, are usually very gentle, almost fragile with an unprecedented inner force, as if they come from another dimension.

    Other Dimension

    Due to the harmonious atmosphere her work is very pleasant to watch. It touches you on a deeper level, while it evokes a desire to travel to other dimensions.

    Paul Steunebrink – Image Alchemist

    photographer, publisher