July, 2016

Little Fire Mermaid

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The Five Elements

We all know the five elements of astrology: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These elements represent the characteristics your personality is made up of.

  • Earth – the element of all tangible things like your physical body
  • Water – the element of emotions and emotional processing of impressions
  • Fire – the element of determination, creativity and power
  • Air – the element of expression, passion, words and thoughts
  • Ether – the element that makes you independent of your personality, the element of connection and integration with the Self.

Besides the personality characteristics the five elements also stand for the five layers of consciousness.

  • Earth – awareness of your basic necessity
  • Water – awareness of your emotional perception and processing feelings
  • Fire – awareness of making choices
  • Air – awareness to look at your life, to see others as they really are and see unconscious possibilities of yourself. The field of reflection and self-reflection
  • Ether – spiritual consciousness to see your life as part of a large and coherent whole.


The fairy tale The Little Mermaid describes the transitions from one element to the other. For example, the Little Mermaid, living in the sea half-man half-fish, represents the element Water.

Little Fire Mermaid-Ever After-Willowing

At age of 15 she comes to the surface of the sea, which brings her in contact with the human world. Humans are a special kind of being, as has been told by her grandmother, because they possess an immortal soul. The immortal soul of man represents the Ether element.

This is in contrast with mermaids, which although living happier and longer in the sea, who completely disappear into nothingness after their life ends.

The mermaid Ariel wants to change her life for a human being with an immortal soul. As she exchanges her fish tail and voice for two legs and leaves the sea for a living on land. This is the transition to the element Earth.

Ariel unfortunately does not win the love of the prince, the condition to get that coveted immortal soul. At sunrise Ariel finally disappears into the sea. But to her surprise, she finds herself in a different atmosphere. She is the daughter of Air and must do good deeds 300 years to become  still an immortal soul.

Missing Element

After reading The Little Mermaid I think there is a missing element, namely Fire. It is the element Ariel can use to her benefit. The element that stands for making your own choices and the will and creativity to make those choices.

Drawing The Little Fire Mermaid

In my drawing of The Little Fire Mermaid I used red, the color of Fire.

the element Fire

With the help of Fire Wings, which symbolizes introspection, she is able to fly the 300 years of good deeds ahead in Air and reach immortality.

the element Air

All elements are represented in the drawing. The stones she sits on represents Earth.

the element Earth

The sea in the background stands for Water, obviously, like the sky represents Air.

the element Water

The Ether element is represented by the spirit symbol in the top right corner.

the element Ether

As a buddy I gave her a dolphin. The dolphin is just like Ariel connected to the theme of duality. The dolphin is both fish and mammal. It is the animal from the water, but also blows air out. The dolphin lives like Ariel “in two worlds at once.” In addition, dolphins symbolize the unification of intelligence and enthusiasm, intuition, and emotion, of masculine and feminine energy and of Water and Fire.

My Own Elements

Actually, I was curious about my own distribution of elements and have done a test on the Internet. ( The result was surprising as it aligned with the thoughts and intentions behind my drawing.

You are a water person

  • Score Fire 14%
  • Score Earth 18%
  • Score Air 14%
  • Score Water 55%

Features Water: emotionally involved, warm, delicate, fragile, friendly, caring, empathy, caring, peaceful, spiritual, desire, know by feeling, soul, unconscious, subconscious, hidden, excessive, faith, grief, happiness.

little mermaid in harbour of Copenhagen

The image above shows the Little Mermaid statue in the harbour of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.


As you can see I could take the place of Ariel. My score shows plenty of Water, but Fire and Air have the lowest score. Here I could use some more.

I can use the painting of the Little Fire Mermaid as a reminder to be more Fire and Air.

  • Fire: expression, passion, and applying unconscious features, and
  • Air: creativity, and power to make my own choices and achieve more quickly my goals in life.


Can you also use some more Fire and Air? I have reworked my drawing into a background image for your computer desktop.

Little Fire Mermaid

Here you can download the Little Fire Mermaid as desktop image on your computer, in different resolutions, depending on your system. Right-click on the link and choose download.

I hope you enjoy it!

Best of luck, lots of fire!

Sheila Roos, Life Art Designer

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