Hi there! My name is Sheila Roos and I am a Life Art Designer, just like you!

Sheila sitting in garden

Life, Art and Design are my daily sources of inspiration. These are the main areas in which I express myself creatively, every day.

Everyone is Creative, we are all Creators. Every Creation is unique as it reflects our unique self. Our unique self is stored in our human blueprint. Most people have no idea what their unique human blueprint is. As a result there is a lot of hidden creative potential in all of us!

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness”

Eckhart Tolle

My goal as Life Art Designer is to inspire you to unleash your creative potential. By developing your uniqueness in life, you are able to create a harmonious and loving world around you!

Let me tell you my creative story in Life Art and Design.


I was born in The Netherlands in 1962. Since my early childhood I looked for authenticity in the world around me to experience my inner self and discover the true meaning of life. Drawing was an important way to express what I experienced.


The drawings below I made at the age of three and I have a vivid memory of making them. The first drawing is my father, wearing his glasses.

Child's drawing doll 1965

The second drawing is an elephant, including proboscis and tail.

Child's drawing elephant 1965

These are just two examples that reflects my joy to express and create.


One of my finest and most unique Creations are my four children born between 1990 and 1993. Obviously, they now have reached adulthood. The image below was taken in the summer of 1995.

4kids Schoorl 1995

The two boys left and right are an identical twin with two completely different and unique personalities. And as you might see, my eldest daughter was born disabled and is wheelchair-bound.

Thanks to her, I have received many life lessons. Because of these and other sometimes very profound experiences in my life, I had many opportunities for self-development and finding my unique human blueprint.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

Eckhart Tolle

Learned sometimes the hard way, this lesson from Eckhart Tolle appears to be right all the time.


I show you two drawings of a wolf. I feel much attracted to the wolf as it symbolizes how I deal Creatively with my life experiences.

Symbolism wolf- mixed media

The wolf is a symbol of the indomitable in our selves.

The wolf symbolizes loyalty, survival, beauty, loneliness, mystery, self-confidence, and pride

The wolf is able to remain calm in all sorts situations and to adapts gracefully and with ease to unexpected changes in her life.

Symbolism wolf- mixed media- Art Journal Summer School- Marieke Blokland

Art & Design

Many sources of Inspiration and ways of being Creative have guided me through life and had their healing effects. Two examples of inspiration are working with dried materials and interior design.

plastiek, buste, gemaakt door Sheila Roos

This body above is made of dried natural materials.

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”

Brene Brown

The dried materials symbolizes the unity between nature and our body. They are one.

Interior Design

As an interior designer, I am involved in creating a place called home. A place where you feel safe and secure. At the same time, any interior should reflect how its inhabitant is connected within himself.

A home is also our life here on earth, and our way to organize life in harmony with nature.

‘You create a good future by creating a good present’

Eckhart Tolle

Here are a few impressions of interior design drawings. I start with a perspective of a hall with paintings on the wall.

Perspective hall with art 2010

The next set of drawings consist of a design for a living room, a floor plan and an interior collage.

Interior perspective living room 2010

Floor plan living room 2010

Interior collage 2010

Personal Notes

I conclude this page about myself with some personal notes about my visit to the unique and protected Altai region, my current painting activities and how I am inspired by the Tiny House Movement.


During a travel to the unique and outstanding Altai region in South Siberia, Russia, I met my Soul Mate, which is now my partner in life. The nature in Altai has impressed me to great extend due to its pure, untouched and pristine state, and a very strong cosmic energy. The special meetings I had there and the beauty of nature has brought me closer to myself and accelerated my self-development.

This mixed media painting below is a combination of different places I visited in Altai.

Landscape inspired by Paul Gaugain - Love Art Happy Life - lesson from Catherine Cote CeeCee

The drawing above is inspired on the images below made at Chemal in Altai mountains. The small building is a church and monastery.

Altai Chemal

Altai Chemal

These photos, taken by my Soul Mate and Image Alchemist, give an impression of the extraordinary landscape of Altai.


In 2015, my mother decided to end her life through euthanasia. In contrast to that tragic event I discovered in that same year the joy of drawing and painting. It has helped me a lot to go through the process of her death and the mourning afterwards.

In the image below I make a drawing inspired by Sonia Delaunay.

Sheila works on her latest creation inspired by Sonia Delaunay

I became aware that drawing and painting is not only a means of expression but also a tool for self-development and healing. Since 2015 I paint almost every day and it feels definitely as my passion in life.

Mountain landscape

The image above shows a drawing of a mountain landscape with Northern Lights. It symbolize the Fjords in Norway, where the ashes of my mother were strewn in June 2016.

Tiny House Movement

I am also very much interested in the Tiny House Movement. Within a few years we plan to move to a Small Sustainable House. Out of love for nature and Mother Earth we are downsizing to reduce our ecological footprint.

The result is a simple, environmentally conscious life. The reward is more freedom and the ability to do what we like to do most.

student house 2010

This floor plan for a student house was designed in 2009, and a good example that fits within the Tiny House Movement.

Join Us

This is a brief impression of who I am and how I am filling in my Creative life. Thank you for reading this far. I like to hear what you think about Life Art Design and how you find Inspiration and what you Create in your life. So feel free to leave a comment.

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